2nd week of Project and Portfolio

The second assignment we had in our Project and Portfolio class was to create the game Pong. This was a pretty nice assignment to do since we were able to work more with Unity and actually play this game. This isn’t like Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment or any Call of Duty’s but, its the first […]

1st week of Project and portfolio.

The Beginning of June 2017 I started my project and portfolio class. The first week we had an assignment called “Beginning Journal” and what we had to do for this assignment was create a replica of a classic game like Mario Bros. We had a few options , but I picked the Super Mario, Bros. […]

Level Design 1

This is my first time in my Design Tools class. We started working with a software called Maya. We had to create a picnic table with some other details to enhance it. It was pretty fun to use and create. For my first time ever working with something like this I feel I didn’t do […]