3rd week of Project and portfolio

The third assignment we had after creating “Pong” was to create our own game in a week. We had to use what we have learned so far and create whatever we could in a week with a game journal explaining the game and controls. So I made a game called “Wake Up”. This game is based on a person who fell asleep into a bad dream and has to reach the end in order to wake up. However, if you select the plane you could either restart or lose the game and have to start over. The keys were simple, W,A,S,D for movement forward, backward, left, and right. The space bar was used to jump. I am  pretty happy with how this came out since we only had a week to come up with a game and create it.

Level 1. Avoiding Obstacles
Sky view of Level 1. The red balls, bars, flat spots will reset you. The Yellow spot is a checkpoint. The little multi-colored balls are “spiked balls” which will also reset you to the checkpoint.
Level 2. Getting through the maze
Level 2 skyview
Level 2 sky view. You start from the bottom and work your way up. The red plane will reset you back to the start. The purple plane will set you in a random area. The yellow plane is a check point. Everything about the check point gets reset to the checkpoint. However, at the top you will choose between a green and a blue plane. One of these will allow you to wake up and win, the other will let you keep dreaming and make you lose.
If you select the wrong plane you will be set here, where you can see yourself sleeping and have the option to try again.
If you select the correct plane, you will win and be sent here where you are no longer sleeping and can access the menu to play again if you wanted.

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