1st week of Project and portfolio.

The Beginning of June 2017 I started my project and portfolio class. The first week we had an assignment called “Beginning Journal” and what we had to do for this assignment was create a replica of a classic game like Mario Bros. We had a few options , but I picked the Super Mario, Bros. We had 1 week to get this completed. Unfortunately, for me I waited until the last two days to start this. I passed but I could have done a lot better. I didn’t have a chance to add any of the UI. Some parts of this are pretty messy since I waited so late to start this I had no chance of fixing anything and I didn’t want to lie just to see if I could get an extension on the due date. It was my own fault that this did not come out as good as I wanted it to

Mario Jumping_referencePicture
Screen shot of the actual game
1st screen shot for project
I started making the small game object first.
2nd screenshot
The next step I took was putting the small objects together. This let me align everything with the floor.
3rd screenshot
This is the rushed project I did of creating a replica Super Mario scene.

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