1st week of Project and portfolio.

The Beginning of June 2017 I started my project and portfolio class. The first week we had an assignment called “Beginning Journal” and what we had to do for this assignment was create a replica of a classic game like Mario Bros. We had a few options , but I picked the Super Mario, Bros. We had 1 week to get this completed. Unfortunately, for me I waited until the last two days to start this. I passed but I could have done a lot better. I didn’t have a chance to add any of the UI. Some parts of this are pretty messy since I waited so late to start this I had no chance of fixing anything and I didn’t want to lie just to see if I could get an extension on the due date. It was my own fault that this did not come out as good as I wanted it to

Mario Jumping_referencePicture
Screen shot of the actual game
1st screen shot for project
I started making the small game object first.
2nd screenshot
The next step I took was putting the small objects together. This let me align everything with the floor.
3rd screenshot
This is the rushed project I did of creating a replica Super Mario scene.

Published by: Steven Magdaleno

Hey everyone, my name is Steven. I am going to school right now for my Game Design Bachelors of Science degree. I have always been into video games and enjoyed playing them. Once I started playing the Fallout series I started to realize everything that went into making games. It blew my mind to hear all the little sounds like changing the way your feet sound going from dirt to concrete and the way the entire environment looks. It gave me a way out of everything that was going on in the real world. I want to provide this for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy a game by the way the scenery looks and just walking around. I enjoy creating levels and making things work together to create a breath taking scene.

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